Level 1: Reading Hangul Comic!

This comic was brilliantly drawn by the artist Ryan Estrada! (Yes, that is his TUMBLR!)
All credit goes to him! But I think it is brilliant and needs to be shared!

Link to the post for this comic: Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes!

Title says it all to help y’all.
This actually made me feel like I might have a chance at learning this…
It may not be perfect, but it will help! Plus, what a neat way to remember…
The humor is strong with this one.
I will need to read this a few times… O.o
Pretty sure this is one of those things where it will make sense to me one day.
Yes, I did giggle. 
It will help. It will. I will just have to take some extra time to focus on it.

Now, it isn’t perfect, but isn’t it a good start? I want to see if I can learn the sounds first and then work my way to pair it up with this. But this will help things make sense!

How about you? Did it help?

Don’t forget to visit the artist’s tumblr. Like it. Share it. Do whatever needs to be done!


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