Where to Start?

Now I know I am not the only one who is struggling with this question. We get all hyped up and excited and trying to figure out where to even begin so we can do this amazing journey. Well, I kind of have two parts of an answer because I was so excited to just jump in.

EDIT (11/27/17): And now I have a page to help you all start on the right foot! Getting Started is a page I made to try to help start you on your Korean language journey.

See, the first thing that I wanted to do was start speaking. From what I hear, the best thing to do is to start doing it. But how do I know if I am saying it correctly? I mean, I know what I have heard from KDramas, but am I really saying it right?

Guys, there is this amazing site called: Talk To Me In Korean.com

It has a LOT of resources. Stuff to look at, lessons, print offs, and at first it seems kind of overwhelming – I know. But a friend of mine recommended one section that I think is a great place to start: The podcasts. They are short, informative, and you can listen to it in the car on your way to work or something.


My phone had me download SoundCloud for it and that was fine. But I highlighted what I focus on for each lesson! Of course the podcast itself, but also notice the bottom highlight: PDF. They have a PDF that goes alone with the the short lesson that I find is quite amazing.

(I went ahead and printed ALL of the PDFs for Level 1 lessons. It will be a while before I reach a lot of it, but I want to be ready!)

Simple enough lesson for lesson one! Now, I know it isn’t a good idea to just SPEAK it. I am going to want to be able to write/read it as well. And for me, it feels like that is going to be one of the hardest parts.

There is this AMAZING PDF I found/used from 90 Day Korean. In fact, I have an entry about it and ALL of the Hangul learning I show is from it! Before I found it, I was making it a bit hard on myself an my learning was looking like this:


Now, I know a LOT more and and more efficiently. I can read Hangul. I wrote about that here.

But guess what guys? Apps are also your friends. I went ahead and downloaded two apps. Same friend who recommended Podcasts from TalkToMeInKorean.com also mentioned another app. On top of that, I found another one that I am enjoying and using the experience from BOTH to start learning.

The main focus: Hangul and Korean Letters Lite

Notice the middle one and the ‘lite’ one. (And yes! I also downloaded Talk To Me In Korean’s -which will now be shortened to TTMIK- app as well!)

Of course there are other ways to study Hangul as well. Books, videos (which TTMIK has some I believe. Haven’t looked yet) and other methods. There are a few more fun things to help, but I think this is where I pause for today. I only wanted to show possibly how to get started: Or at least how I am going to!

Soon, I will actually start talking about what I have learned – what I am practicing – and so forth.

Oh! Last note: easier to learn with friends! I know we all get nervous about speaking or even moving forward. If you have a couple of friends who are wanting to learn, definitely create a group! Then you have other possible resources. They can make recommendations, you can work on pronunciation together (to the best of your ability), and help you keep motivated! I have a group with two other people that I am excited to be working with.


I know there are online groups/stuff that you can partner up with people that way as well, but that will be an entry for another time.

That’s all this time, I swear. But know I am rooting for y’all – as well as going to work on it myself as well.

Oh DramaFever – this is perfect.

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