About Me and this Site

Hello to all!

Now, this is going to sound a little weird and maybe awkward because I am not fully sure of how I was wanting to do this or how to set it up. I have ideas about what I am going to talk about for future entries, but trying to figure out how to talk about me, my experience, why I want to do this is… a bit more confusing. Or at least trying to figure out how to explain it.

I guess let’s start with my interest and how it began?


I’m a Filipino American who has always had more of an interest in Asian cultures. In high school, it started with Japanese culture with an emphasis in Manga and J-Rock. But mythology of Japan and China had caught me early in school but I didn’t really circle back to it until later.


One day, late teens/early 20’s maybe?, I started hearing about KDramas and K-Pop. Now, I was lame and didn’t really look into until I was 25 (3 years ago!). Even then, I just watched one or two KDramas. But a last year and a half was when I started to get much more into it. You’re Beautiful got me hooked, and Heartstrings nailed it for me: I became a KDrama fan.


These two KDramas led me to my favorite band: CNBlue. And I want to say the rest from there is history. I love Korean culture, entertainment, and just was absorbed. Much more than I was for anything else. I had made Korean friends because of the exchange students in high school and let’s just say they were excited to share some info and stuff with me when I asked them about it. (Kept in touch after high school.)

I love it. And I have friends who highly enjoy it as well. We decided that we wanted to learn the language, and here I am. Unfortunately, I do not have ‘classes’ near me available/do not have the time for them outside of normal life. But I can do home/self study during lunch, or random parts of the day that are available.

So this will all be from the perspective of a person who is trying to learn with a few friends and resources from online.

I will post what I have learned, and possibly even post pronunciations I have learned – though do take in mind I may be wrong and I do not sound native. This is mostly to help keep me up with it and have a big place of storage for everything.

Wish me luck!



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