Level 1: TTMIK “Hello and Thank You!” Podcast #1

Remember when I said I couldn’t decide between wanting to learn how to read Hangul and just start learning words? I technically did this first, but found these to be much more beneficial once I learned the main letters first.

I could have hit myself – Why didn’t I start that way myself?

Now that we have done most of it (I have one more entry for reading Hangul but that one can wait) let’s move to some of the stuff we have been wanting/practicing already?

This is where these wonderful people take place!


Oh yes – the Podcasts I have been DYING to talk to you about! AHH! So, first, to give you a chance to listen, here is the link!

First off: How cool is it that it just shares like that? Whoo! Secondly, notice that they aren’t extremely long! They thought about how people would want short segments to listen to here and there. On the way to work, during breaks, you know, when we get a chance.

It is fun to listen to and has brought out a few good points that made me re-evaluate how I may have said it before.

Secondly: These also have PDF’s available so you can print it off and read the material to help! It shows how to write the word, how they broke it down, etc. For those nerdy enough *cough like me cough* this is fantastic. You can find the PDF on this page!

First topic: Hello and Thank you.

Now, everyone has “heard” how to say Hello!



Wait… what? Don’t worry, I will show how they break it down. You’ll notice something that caught my attention that I had not been paying attention to because I didn’t hear it. They also address it in the podcast: What we hear. I won’t go into much detail, but here is the break down.


(You will also note that there is a letter I haven’t quite touched yet, but we will get there!)

Did you notice a letter that most people tend to not pronounce as much? For me, I never noted the “h” in the word. Is kind of important to notice stuff like that. I think so anyway. That only matters in regards to spelling the word in Hangul though as well. For when looking up words, stuff like that matters.

The second word they cover is one I know I will be saying a lot! Thank you!



Now, the only thing that differs from what “I” say and how they wrote it out… well, let me show you.


The main one is this particular letter: ㅂ 
My current learning of the letters I remember it more like a “b” as in bed. So I say “hab-ni-da”. But that is the minor thing. When you say it fast enough (learn how the naturals/natives say it) it isn’t as nitpicky (for now. Remember we are just learning and they tend to understand that and they can help us fix it the more we practice).

Now wait! I know some people who when they first realized this, they were like “I have been saying KAM, with a K!” I honestly cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes. I’m sorry. Since I am learning as well. But if I get a chance to ask, I definitely will. But this is one of those things where it makes it hard to find the word if you stick with how it sounds romanized.

(I also want to note that eventually, I will break away from writing the romanization of the words.


Don’t worry though! That may be a while until we are much more comfortable!)

And…. that’s it for the first Podcast! Hello and thank you!  안녕하세요 and 감사합니다!

Seems like it shouldn’t be too bad. Right? It’s a good way to start, to work on figuring things out, and saying common phrases that we have heard before!

Again, I definitely recommend listening to the podcast and printing out that PDF. It is seriously wonderful! Thank you TalkToMeInKorean.com for all of the wonderful resources and help! They will be something I refer to often.

Don’t be afraid to wander the site as well! They have a lot of references, videos, and fun things to help!

That’s all from me for now. Whew! I am going to work on memorizing the Hangul. More flashcards!

See you all next time!


Next time on TTLK: Level 1: TTMIK “Yes, No, and What?” Podcast #2




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