Level 1: Reading Hangul!


Are you guys excited? Because seriously, it all starts to click and fall together once you learn how to read Hangul! When you start reading words/pronouncing them (even if you do not know the meaning yet) makes it feel all sorts of special. I cannot –

How happy and excited I am when I read Hangul/Korean.

That is how I feel when I am reading words, and then realize I can read it and sometimes I even know the words!

It… it took me a while to figure out what I believe would be some sort of useful way to help y’all read. Let’s get started!

The word I chose to explain how to read it is one you see all the time on this blog! (Site?)
Part 1

I won’t tell you what it says yet (though you may have already figured it out) so I can break it down. The first thing to realize when it comes to reading this is that it is essentially broken into “Blocks” to be read. You read/sound out one block then move to the next one. To me, I see it easily, but I am going to ‘color code’ to help.

Part 2

Did that help with breaking it up? Let’s look more into it now.
Now that we see the blocks, how do you read the blocks? Well, it goes from left to right, and up to down. So…. let’s look at the first block to show the example.

Part 3Part 4

So, we can see the two letters on the top section first, so we start there. Then we go from Left to right. I actually broke down for each letter to help explain and work on the word. Let’s get this started!

Progression! Let me help you.
First letter is the “place holder letter”. The only time it makes a sound is if it is at an ‘end’ of a block. Since it is the beginning here, we just essentially ignore it and start sounding out with the second letter. (Did I ever mention why? The rule is that each block has to start with a consonant. That is why that letter can be placeholder or make a sound and counts as a consonants – purely for that rule.)
Second letter is the vowel “ah”. (The “a” sound from iPad.)
The third letter is “nn”. (The “n” sound from northeast.”

So the sound of this first block: “an”.

Making sense? Let’s break down the rest of the word! I will go block by block to help.

Part 8

Second block! Now that you have seen the last one, does the order make sense? I hope so! Let’s break it down!

First letter in this block: “n” from northeast.
Second letter in like block is “yaw” sound. (Like the ‘o’ in ipod, and then the ‘yuh’ in front!.)
Third letter – Oh! Look at that! Last time it was a ‘placeholder’ but this time, it is at the END of the block! know what that means? It has a sound! “ng”!

Sound of the second block: nyawng!
Put it with the first block:

You know what word it is? Probably do now, but let’s keep going!

This block is just two letters. (Consonant rule!)

First letter: “h”. (“h” from hat.)
Second letter: “ah”. (“a” from iPad.)

Sound from this block: “ha.”
Combined with the rest of the word so far: an-nyawng-ha.

Faster break down!
Block four starts with “s” (like from seashell).
Ends with “eh” (like in egg).

Block five!
Starts with no sound! That’s right, placeholder!
Ends with “yo” (With the “o” sound from old!)

Put it all together! And say it!


You know this word! 안녕하세요 – Hello! And guess what? Now you can READ IT.

Congrats! How exciting!

Want some more practice?

Let’s see….


I’ll give you some time. (I also know because the words are smaller, it might be harder to break apart, but you’ll get it! I promise!

Studying: This is exactly how it is for me it feels like.

Time for answers! (And definitions!)

감사합니다 – gahm-sah-hab-nee-dah! Means “Thank you!”
주세요 – jeu-seh-yoh. Means “Please”.
커피 – keoh-pee. Means “Coffee.”
차  – chah. Means “Car”.

(Now, I know… it looks weird how I wrote “Coffee”. I was going to just write “Koh-pee” but people might misread it as a long o instead of the short o from iPod. So I adjusted to try to get it how it sounds.)

And that is what I can tell you about reading Korean/Hangul! Hopefully this helped. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to help answer! For now, that’s all folks!


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