Let’s Talk About: Words we THOUGHT we knew


Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I watch KDramas.

Such a shocker, right?

Well, I know there are a few phrases or words that I have learned from watching them that have just essentially become “Common” to hear. They are used in interviews and just discussion, etc. I know how people write them out in Romanization and how I have pronounced them before.

Would you believe that most of these are probably said incorrectly? Or just people are so used to the Romanization, they cannot figure out how to spell them using Hangul?

Yeah, that was totally me.

So, to help those who are constantly wondering about why they cannot find the word when writing it or want to know what it ACTUALLY is supposed to be, I have been looking up most common words/commonly learned words that as a KFandom (KPop or KDramas, etc) have learned.

Now note, I know “Oppa! Noona!” and the such are VERY COMMONLY USED, but I want to go over them in a different entry and cover different titles and other things. So it doesn’t get repeated too many times, we are going to skip those and move on to other ones. 


Let us start with one of the MOST POPULAR phrases/words/what every fan person wishes their bias/favorite actor/favorite singer would say to them:


사랑해 – I love you!

Oh what a perfect example! Okay, you know how a good chunk of us say “Sa-Rang-eh”? Look at the spelling.
It is more like “Sa-laong-heh”.

Now, the tricky letter is ㄹ. It has a ‘hard’ l sound that can easily be taken as an ‘r’ sound.
SO! If you have been trying to send your friend 사랑해, but couldn’t seem to find it, that is why! Probably had an incorrect letter in there or trying to find letter that makes that sound.


대박 right?

Oh? Let’s look at that word.
대박 – Literally means “Jackpot” but has turned into slang to mean “awesome” or “cool”.

Normally Romanized as Daebak, you see where it slightly differs. I know we say ㄱ as a ‘g’ sound. But they don’t emphasize it as much as we would. SO, if you say it fast enough or at least don’t put as much emphasis on the end, it sound more like what we think.

Note: I think if you say it with that ‘k’ sound, you could be okay. I am unsure if people really pay attention to that or not – but I wanted to point it out for spelling reasons. Plus, there are plenty of the Hangul letters don’t have an EXACT sound to them. Something we learn along the way. 

For now, I am saying that saying the “k” sound is fine, unless I am corrected. But for spelling, remember that the letter is ㄱ.


This is all pretty new to me as well, 미안해.

Oh! Another word we can dig into! Because I KNOW this was one that I completely was wrong about when I originally said it (and it may have just been a ‘me’ thing).
미안해 – Sorry.

When I heard it, I thought they were saying “Bee-yon-eh.”
Naw. I was off. But that is what happens when you go PURELY by what you hear. Mee-ahn-heh.


Now, y’all might be thinking: 진짜? Yes, 진짜. I was really pronouncing it that way.

Let’s touch that word briefly – as well as the “more formal” version of that word.
진짜 – Really, actually. This is an informal version of the word and would be used among friends and informal situations. But I am also going to post the formal version:
정말 – Really, truly.



I know, that is ONLY FOUR WORDS (technically FIVE) – but do you see what I was talking about? How what we THOUGHT we knew for sure ended up… a little different than we realize? Now we know how to spell some of those 대박 KDrama words/phrases.

미안해? You think I am done? Nope. I will have more, but decided to stop here for today so you can think about those and practice. Besides, I know I definitely have to practice those as well. I added them to my flashcard pile. 진짜, I practice these a few minutes a day, as well as review past words and try to incorporate them into what I say so I don’t lose them.

Alright, so it is time to say 안녕히 가세요! Until next time!


Next time on TTLK: Let’s Talk About: Honorifics and Titles



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