Coming Soon: An Updated/New Look!


Hello everyone! I am taking a moment to just talk about a few things that I will probably be doing with this blog and maybe where I will want to go with it or at least throw some ideas out there. First thing is going to be a little obvious: I am going to update the look a little bit! First, it will start with my own little signs and banners. My 대박 친구 영조 made me some amazing images to use on the site. Which means we will be saying good by to:

My attempt at making anything… Adios!

And having a lot better quality banners and images to come to help represent me and show you around. And they are adorable and amazing. Want to see?

Aren’t they the best? ❤ They will now be my representative and will show up much more often. That is the start of some of the changes.

I am also thinking about the Layout of the Entries. The words of focus might start appearing larger in a banner/picture so it is easier to read but also easier to find.

The layout/design of the site is … going to be a lot longer before I address that. I am sorry. Trying to see which would be best and I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Have any recommendations? Let me know. I would love to hear what people prefer.

Any questions you want me to address, I can definitely try. Remember, we are learning together! Anything I do that helps? Let me know and I will make sure to keep doing it! Something that confuses you or that you strongly dislike? Let me know too. Have advice? Have at it!

See you all around!




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