Level 1: TTMIK “What is this?/This is…” Podcast #6

안녕하세요! 감사합니다 for joining me today! Now, before you say ANYTHING –

No, I did not plan this! I had no idea that these Podcasts would lightly touch sentences. I really and truly did not. The coincidence is just fantastically amazing. …. Please don’t be like this:

We want happy faces! I promise we will still learn some new words!

But isn’t it nice that it happens to tie in this way? It isn’t exactly about sentence structure or anything like what I did, but it is a nice tie in. I swear. I just got lucky. You should have seen my face when I realized they were going to lightly touch upon it on the podcast.

Nerded. I nerded.

죄송합니다, but this just furthers my excitement. ANYWAY, let’s get to the podcast!

Anyway, I HIGHLY listen to this podcast MORE THAN ONCE. There is a lot of information and just really good stuff in it. The stuff I will go over will mostly be what is in the PDF
(you can get from here at TTMIK)
and go on from there.

I repeat! Definitely give this a listen to a couple of time to truly get all of what is going on and all of the information they are giving. I should talk about some of what they address/do in the Podcast that isn’t in the PDF, but for now, I won’t. (I feel as if I am just not at that level yet.)



This lesson starts with a quick refresher of the last Podcast and re-going over these two:

Essentially kind of the “To-Be” verbs. So you can say stuff like “It’s a book.” or “It’s me!”

이에요. –  It’s a book.
예요. – It’s me!

Now we are going to learn a new word!


(귀엽다, 네?)

What is nice about this word is that is is easy to figure out/pronounce. Ee-goh. (Remember, O like from Odd or iPod.)
Note: There is another word technically that this originally derived from, but for easiness of pronunciation – and since most native Koreans don’t even use it – I will not touch on the other one. It has only one letter difference, but why confuse when it isn’t needed.

Now how do we use it?

Well, put it at the beginning seems to be right. Let’s use the sentence “It’s a book” and change it into “This is a book.” And to try to help, I will bold 이거.


Wait, what? Yup. I can break down the sentence more and show different colors again to help. Hold on.

이거이에요. This is a book.

To be verbs, am I right?

We keep talking about books. I want to read now.

Don’t worry, I will eventually give more examples, but for now, I hope this makes sense. A lot of the sentences we used last Podcast entry would actually work with this. Just put 이거 in front and it changes the sentences to “This” type of deal rather than just “It’s”.  With practice it will make more sense. If you want, eventually I will figure out a way to put up a “practice” type of deal and have you work with it that way. (Consider it on a “To-Do” list.)

Let’s learn a phrase that they cover in this podcast.

I was thinking of a situation to say this and one that came to mind was when someone was scared or upset and asking “What is this??” So, ta-dah!

This phrase combines 뭐예요 (that we have gone over before – “What is it”) and 이거.
By putting the word we learned today in the front of the sentence, it changes the question from “What is it” to “What is this.”

They had a few good “dialog” examples that I think I will share here so you get a feeling for it all:

이거 뭐예요? – What is this?
이거 핸드폰이에요. – This is a cellphone.

이거 뭐예요?
이거 커피예요. – This is coffee.

Good? Good! Hopefully this helps to show a bit more of how this all actually works together. They also talk about how to answer questions confirming or denying with 네, 맞아요. or 아니요.

이거 소주예요? – Is this soju?
아니요. 이거 이에요. – No. This is water.

이거 커피예요? – Is this coffee?
네. 맞아요. 이거 커피예요. – Yes, that’s right. This is coffee.

All this talk of different drinks made me thirsty!

오모, I think I am finally good! That was the end of the PDF they gave, and I hope I was able to explain it well enough. I would have put even more examples, but I didn’t want to overload! I will try to make that practice sheet though so look forward to that soon! (Hopefully.)

Okay guys! That’s it! I’m done! That is all we are going to share today! Whew! Hopefully that was useful. I know I said this earlier, but definitely pay attention to this podcast! There is so much in it that I have to listen to it a couple more times as well. Enjoy!

안녕히 가세요! I am going to go nap now.


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