Let’s Talk About: Review!


Okay, I promised that I would do some sort of review thing to help go over what we have talked about and just help reinforce all we have learned. This is going to be a semi-simple review and you can use it however you want. I don’t know how exactly to set this up so we’ll see how this goes.

All these reactions. I did all of these. In regards to this entry.

Turns out a lot of the set-up I was thinking requires plug-ins and possibly a lot more work – and seeing as this is just a simple review, I will do this old school. Post the questions with numbers and later on provide an answer sheet with the proper numbers. Ha. Let’s get started!


Write the English definition of the following words/phrases:

  1. 저기요
  2. 여자친구
  3. 네, 맞아요
  4. 정말로/정말
  5. 사랑해
  6. 어떻게
  7. 미안해

Do your best! 화이팅!

This is honestly the hardest section for me! So do not fret! This is just review to help you see where you might just need to keep studying and see the progress you have made!

Write the Korean word for the following words/phrases:

  1. Friend
  2. “I like you.”
  3. Really (informal)
  4. “I got it”/”I understand”
  5. Hello
  6. Thank you
  7. Older Sister

If you know how to say it, but cannot think of how to spell it – no frets! That is normal. (I can honestly only spell about 5 words confidently – the rest I double check before posting.) Thing is recalling the words in the first place.


Don’t freakout! I won’t completely toss you into this! I will have a “Word Bank” here for you to use and all you have to do is place it in order. Not as bad, right? I know, I am not THAT mean.

이애요 – To Be Verb (Consonant)        예요             – To Be Verb (Vowel)
이거     – This, This one                         이거 뭐예요 – What is this
는         – (Shows subject)                      커피             – Coffee
물         – Water                                       달린다          – (is) Running
대박     – Awesome                                 오유아         – Oyoa (me!!)

Please write the following sentences:

  1. Oyoa is running.
  2. What is this?
    This is awesome coffee!
  3. Is this water?
    Yes, that is right. (Hint: Not in the word bank, but was used earlier in the review!)
  4. It’s water.
About time, right? Almost done!

Answers for Word Recognition Section!

  1. 저기요 – “Excuse me”
  2. 여자친구 – Girlfriend
  3. 네, 맞아요 – Yes, that is correct.
  4. 정말 – Really (formal)
  5. 사랑해 – “I love you”
  6. 어떻게 – “What do I do”/How (both answers are correct)
  7. 미안해 – Sorry (informal)

Answers for Word Recall!

  1. Friend – 친구
  2. “I like you.” – 좋아해
  3. Really (informal) – 진짜
  4. “I got it”/”I understand” – 알았어
  5. Hello – 안녕하세요
  6. Thank you (formal) – 감사합니다
  7. Older Sister – 누나/언니 (depending on your gender)

Answers for Sentence Building!

  1. Oyoa is running. – 오유아 는 달린다.
  2. What is this? – 이거 뭐예요?
    This is awesome coffee! – 이거 대박 커피예요!
  3. Is this water? – 이거 물예요?
    Yes, that is right. – 네, 맞아요.
  4. It’s water. – 물 이에요.

Guys… You did it! That is the end of the review!

Feeling tired after all that? Totally don’t blame you.

You survived! So, I am going to give you a break!

More like, I am actually going to be gone for a little over a week so I won’t have a chance to update until I come back. But don’t worry! If you have any questions, feel free to write me, post comments, or whatever and I will get back to you. I can still reply, just not format a good post.

This time I am leaving, so I will say:



Next time on TTLK: Let’s Talk About: Word We THOUGHT We Knew – Part 3


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