New Section: Vocab Blasts!


Welcome back! 감사합니다 for your patience with me as we work through these different sections. I was going over some ideas with some 친구 who read this as well and asked for suggestions about what else I can do to make this a little better – content and everything.

One idea that was brought up that I thought was 대박 was the idea of an entry that does a “Vocab Blast” – essentially give a lot of a words and what they are in Korean to help build our (you guessed it) vocabulary! These won’t have as long of explanations like I normally do. This would be more of the a blast of words. (Hence the title of “Vocab Blast!”)

What its like to study foreign language
How I feel sometimes when trying to remember who to say things in Korean.

So today we will add this new section and try to get some words that we will actually use – hopefully – on a more normal basis. Let’s get started!

Let’s start with ones that deal with some form of time?


오늘 – Today
내일 – Tomorrow
어제 – Yesterday

시/시긴* – Hour/Hour*
분 – Minute
시계 – Clock

*Brief Explanation for 시/시긴:

시 is the form when used with a number. Like if you were to say 6시, you would be saying 6 o’clock.
시긴 is how you actually say hour. You are more likely to use 시 over 시긴 because you are more likely to be saying the time not talking about hours, minutes, seconds.

Now for more “random” words. (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better category name for now.)


웃다 – Laugh
작은 – Small
쉬운 – Easy
나쁜 – Bad
맛있어요 – Delicious

Next section I am calling “Starting the introduction” only because it is two simpler phrases that I will probably go more into detail later.


저는 (name) 입니다 – I’m (name)
어떻게 지내세요 – How are you

Okay! That is all for now! 죄송합니다, I know this first vocab blast seems everywhere but this was to get used to a set up, how it will be arranged, and see how it looks. To get a feel. I promise that they will be a little bit more organized from now on.

Next time we have a vocab blast, we will probably touch on Months and Days so that will be fun!

Until then: 안녕히 가세요!


Next time on TTLK: Level 1: Hangul Stroke Order
Next in Series: Vocab Blast!: Countries and Movies


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