Level 1: Hangul Stroke Order Part 1


I know – it has been a while! So many changes on the site, updating, trying to figure out how to have this best set up… But don’t worry! I was thinking about what to discuss as well in regards to what we should touch next. Originally I was going to do another TTMIK Podcast but my friend 영조 started talking about how to improve our Hangul writing and how to best go about it.


This got us thinking: Is there a stroke order? When I was trying to learn Japanese, I made sure to learn stroke order for every letter and I didn’t even question/think about if Korean had the same thing.

Gasp, I know.

Turns out, there is stroke order for Hangul as well! It isn’t as heavily talked about apparently, and it may not matter as much, but for nerds like me, I love knowing this stuff and want to make sure I start writing like that as well.

So that is what I am going to do. I am going to show you stroke order for Hangul in the same order that I showed them to you. Because that is fun. Let’s get started!


Now, I may not write much, but this entry does have references and sources that I used to make sure/try to help me do this properly. The two sites I used was:
SayJack.com: Stroke Order of Korean Hangul
Tengugo.com: Korean Hangul Charts

The first letter I ever showed was ㅂ! I actually went back through entries to make sure and double check to make sure I keep up the order! Again, this will be mostly picture heavy entries for this series but I hope it will still be useful! So, here we go.












Note: For ㅎ looks a little different from typing and writing. I prefer to write the following version rather than what is on the keyboard.












Last one is self explanatory, right?


Okay!! Whew!! That is all I am doing for this section for now! There is enough there for now, right? Thank you all for sticking with me through this.

If you have any questions, let me know! And maybe one day I will even show my own writing – it is still in the works.

Until next time: 안녕히 가세요!


Next time on TTLK: New Reference: Duolingo!~
Next in Series: TBD


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