YouTube: KC101 – How to Introduce Yourself in Korean


Can you believe it? The productivity of this week!


Now back to the actual point of this entry!
We are officially starting our YouTube Entries because honestly as much fun as it is to read about how Korean “Sounds,” what better way to actually figure it all out other than LISTENING to others speak?

I also want to put my own warning/disclosure. I don’t always quite agree with everything. That is going to sound weird, but you will see what I am talking about with the video we will actually be viewing today.

Note: I also will try to keep it to shorter videos. Between 3-10 minutes, though that doesn’t always happen. But I want it to be something you can quickly review and listen to, or listen to a couple of times to catch the points being made. It should be short and fun. Let’s get into this!

The FIRST YouTube video we will be viewing is actually from KoreanClass101 YouTube! Is is a short video and seeing as a lot of us want to be able to say Hi, I thought this might be a good ones to semi-start with. It also allows me to make some points about the video that I find… not misleading but not quite up to what I have been studying.

I know, sounds confusing, but stay with me…

And now, the main attraction:

I mostly did this so you can HEAR someone say some words that we have gone over. Just to hear how others do so – especially those who are teaching. I know that some people sound different and we will be listening to other examples, but I figured that this would be a nice and simple start. (Plus we just learned a new phrase!)

But did y’all catch the slight error/item that doesn’t quite match what we have already covered? Don’t worry, we’ll get there. First, let’s go over the two phrases she uses but instead of her name, we can use mine!

(Informal) 안녕. 오유아야. 반가워.
(Formal) 안녕하세요. 오유아에요. 반가워요.

Essentially, these both break down to mean:
Hi/Hello. I’m Oyoa. Nice to meet you.

(Informal) 안녕. 오유아야. 반가워.
(Formal) 안녕하세요. 오유아에요. 반가워요.
(English) Hi/Hello. I’m Oyoa. Nice to meet you.

Simple. Easy. And remember-able – except there was a point that we have already covered that she kind of skipped.
Remember the entry Let’s Talk About: Korean Suffixes (Name Endings “attachments”)? There is one section that I am going to refer to to basically address one of things that caught my attention, but might not have stood out to everyone.

It is the name ending she used. While her name does end in a vowel so using -야 ending is right for her, it does not work for everyone. My name ALSO ends in a vowel, so -야 works. But what if your name ends in a consonant? What about people like 지민?




He is so sad because he doesn’t end in a vowel. But we have good news for him!

He would be a little different. For his name, you would actually add -아 at the end! So the “proper” way to add that to the end of his name is 지민아 (Jimin-ah) NOT 지민야.

Seems like a small detail, but something to notice. Not going to lie, the fact that I caught that (and REMEMBERED it) brought a little bit of joy to me because it means that this is truly sticking.

Yeah, singing JUST like that.

Now that we did a quick cover over this, I was going to show you some additional ways to say hello and introduce yourself but I figured that would make this entry extremely long. So I will save that for another day. So for now, practice what we have just learned, adjust as you need for your own name, and be happy that yes! Our studying is working!

Stay strong 친구! You’ve got this! 화이팅!

Until next time:


Next time on TTLK: Let’s Talk About: Konglish
Next in Series: TBD

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