Level 1: KC101 “What Should We Watch?”

안녕하세요! Alright everyone! We are actually doing this. Along with TTMIK, we will also be going over what I learn in KoreanClass101 (Which I HIGHLY recommend signing up for!). Their set up is different than TalkToMeInKorean so I cannot link you directly to PDFs or the Podcasts. All the more reason to try to sign up! With that … Continue reading Level 1: KC101 “What Should We Watch?”

New Section: Translating Songs!

안녕하세요! Hello everyone! I know, I know. It seems like I keep adding new sections and doing so many things - but honestly it is all so we can learn Korean better, dive into language and immerse ourselves so we get a better understanding and some practice - as well as hear people who actually … Continue reading New Section: Translating Songs!

Level 1: TTMIK “This, That, It” Podcast #7

안녕하세요! Hello everyone! Now, I know y'all were missing my FAVORITE podcast so I had to make sure I did another coverage on one... though it may have been me missing it more than anyone else. ANYWAY, let's get to the fun stuff! https://soundcloud.com/talktomeinkorean/ttmik-level-1-lesson-7 (PDF can be found on their site here: TalkToMeInKorean.com Lesson 7) Interesting, … Continue reading Level 1: TTMIK “This, That, It” Podcast #7