Let’s Talk About: Konglish

안녕하세요 친구!

With all these references and fun things going on, we are truly getting a little better. Honestly, just practice what we have gone over so far and you’ll realize you know a little bit more than you realize.

But today I wanted to do something FUN. We are going to learn some Korean Words that people refer to as Konglish.

Wikipedia definition.

Now, you might be wondering: What in the world does THAT mean? I think 90DayKorean defines it in a much easier way to understand:

Konglish is the Korean version of English words.

You have already learned a word kind of like that… it is more Korean slang now to mean a word of encouragement.


정말로? Yeah really. How 대박 네? So, we will be going over some Konglish words today and you will come to realize you may know more than you expected. But this is also a perfect way to practice reading Hangul – You get to sound out the words and figure out what they are similar to. Now, it isn’t going to be EXACTLY the same way as said in English. There will be slight pronunciation differences, but honestly that is half the fun.

You ready? Let’s go!


Okay, the first word is one that actually came to me when I was using Duolingo. It made me giggle once I sounded it out and realized what it meant. And now I want you to try it out. I think it is the PERFECT example and a great way to start Konglish.


I’ll give you a moment.
…. Have you sounded it out yet? I bet a good chunk have but just in case, I will help.


Say it quickly.

Yup, that word is literally means “Starbucks.”

Worldwide popularity. I swear.

Isn’t Konglish fun? Here’s another one you may recognize:


This is the last one that I will sound out with you.
Faster: Mehk-donal-doh




Notice the pronunciation is a little different. That is how they say them in Korea and honestly, I think it adds some charm. Also, keep in mind that that is how they say it there too. If you say “McDonald’s” yes, they may know what you are talking about. But they do actually say/call it “맥도날드.”

Now I am going to put some lists of different Konglish words and then define them. I want to give you a chance to sound them out and guess before showing answers.


Here is the first batch (found on 90DayKorean):

메뉴 포크 초콜릿 아이스크림
피자 콜라 주스 커피 오렌지
바나나 비타민 볼펜 샌드위츠 와인


Okay. I will let you look at these, sound them out, and all that before I give answers. Go on. Give it a try.

I bet you all look like this right now. ^.^

And now… Answer time!

컵 – Cup 메뉴 – Menu 포크 – Fork 초콜릿 – Chocolate 아이스크림 – Ice Cream
피자 – Pizza 콜라 – Cola 주스 – Juice 커피 – Coffee 오렌지 – Orange
바나나 – Banana 비타민 – Vitamin 볼펜 – Pen (like a ballpoint pen) 샌드위츠 – Sandwich 와인 – Wine

Whew! This is becoming much longer than I had planned/expected. I think we will take a break here and continue Konglish another day! I know, I know, I kind of threw a lot of words at you today, but it is definitely worth it! And it is fun! Though, I will admit, I feel a little….


So with that…

안녕히가세요! Until next time!

Next time on TTLK: Level 1: TTMIK “This, That, It” Podcast #7
Next in Series: TBD

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