Level 1: TTMIK “This, That, It” Podcast #7


Hello everyone! Now, I know y’all were missing my FAVORITE podcast so I had to make sure I did another coverage on one… though it may have been me missing it more than anyone else.

I feel like Goblin and y’all are the Grim Reaper. Just saying.

ANYWAY, let’s get to the fun stuff!

(PDF can be found on their site here: TalkToMeInKorean.com Lesson 7)
Interesting, right? Let’s break it down!

We are talking about “This” and “That” in this Podcast. Now, I dont know about you, but when they were talking about it being kind of like the subject/pronoun or as a modifier, I had to SEE a sentence and then go “OOOOH” before it clicked. So, let’s go over that first.

The sentence they used as examples are simple and easy. So I will use the EXACT SAME ONES.

“This is my car.” Vs “This car is mine.”

This is standing on its own in the first sentence and is the subject and is standing as a noun.
This in the second sentence is used to describe car. Red car, blue car, this car. AKA: Modifer!

And just because I am kind of going by the way they did the podcast, we are going to talk about “This/That” as a modifier first! Let’s show you the words we are working with in Korean!


First, we are going to talk about if you are talking about an item near yourself. We are going to stick with talking about a car, because we know the Korean word for it!

(Just as a reminder: 차 = Car)

So, let’s say you wanted to talk about items or things near you. You want to talk about the car that is right beside you, you can reach out and TOUCH IT. You would say:

이 차.
This car.

이 is for any item that is near you (the speaker). Seems easy enough, right?

What about that car that is waaaaaaaaay over there? That car. Yup. That isn’t close to you nor your friend at all. But you can point to it. That car you would say:

저 차.
That car.

저 is for any item that is far from you (the speaker).

Note: Some people already know this, some don’t. 저 is also the formal word for “I” in Korean. (Like in the phrase 저 는 오유아 입니다.) How to tell the difference? When using 저 for “this” it is followed by an item/noun type of deal. If it is being used for “I” it is followed by like verbs or other types of things.

If you don’t quite understand, it’s okay. I am hoping to go over more stuff like this when I do introductions and etc in a later entry.

What if you want to talk about the car that is right beside your friend. Like, they can touch it and it is riiiiiiiight there essentially with them. For that case, you would say:

그 차.
That car.

그 is for any item that is a little farther away from you, but close to the person you are talking to.

Note: In the podcast, they also talk about how you can use 그 when talking about an item that you cannot even see right now – I think. I will have to relisten, but that was what I was getting while paying attention to the podcast.

Don’t worry! You will understand! Don’t take it out on the 차!

Seems easy enough, right?

이, 저, 그

But these are used as modifiers. What if you wanted to use them more as a pronoun?
Remember these two words:


Usually, the actual word to use would be 것, but according to the podcast (possibly due to laziness?) most people just use the word 거.

Remember, this is to be used more as a pronoun. And since we did the basics already, Let’s go over the three “new terms” really quick.

이 것 or 이 거
저 것 or 저 거
그 것 or 그 거

Same rules.

이 것 or 이 거 is for “this” that is near you.
저 것 or 저 거  is for “that” that is near your conversation partner
그 것 or 그 거 is for “that” that is over there.



Do NOT use 것/거 for a person!!!

If you are talking about a person, use this word:


So, if you wanted to talk about a person near you:

이 사람.
This person here.

Someone far from you:

저 사람.
That person there.

Someone beside your conversation partner:

그 사람.
That person there.

And that, 친구, is the end of this particular lesson! Not bad eh?

See, I knew you’d think so too!

I am excited to get this all out. And back into the swing of things! I was thinking about maybe doing a quick vocab review of ALL the words we have gone over in the entries so you can have a list – but I might not. I might do another Korean101, or a YouTube Entry, or even a vocab blast, or maybe the second section of Konglish…

Which would you prefer?

Until next time: 안녕히계세요!

Next time on TTLK: Vocab Blast!: Countries and Movies
Next in Series: TBD

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