New Reference: Cyber University of Korea



I know, I know. I already have so many up here. But this one definitely needs to be mentioned! I keep meaning to go back to this one and I finally am.

The one I am talking about today: The Cyber University of Korea


Now, I cannot remember fully how I had heard of this one – but I want to say it was because of the Meetup Group I am a part of that is for Korean Pop Culture.  Many of us there want to learn Korean and this may have been one of the resources shared.

Or somewhere else.

Either way, from what I have seen, this has a good reputation as a good source.

What else is nice: You can sign up for an account. You can keep up with what you are doing lesson-wise:

I have OBVIOUSLY not started a thing yet… in regards to watching the videos at least.

They have these great videos that seem to explain very well, and PDFs to go with the lesson that you can use. (Though part of it seems to be in Hangul, it is definitely worth using!)

At first, navigating the site seems a bit daunting. Just remember: It lets you chose the language you want to see the page in to help you navigate.

Or, you know, you could just use This Link! to get to the English version of the site!
The section I want you guys to scroll to:

YES. Quick Korean! This is where the videos and lessons and all the fun stuff is!

Go here, log in, and get started!

AGAIN! Remember! You can switch the page to English to help!


I may talk more about how this site WORKS FOR ME and how I use it, etc, as we go along. But I wanted to offer it to everyone as another source to use to learn Korean. While it may not work well for some, it may be amazing for others! We all learn differently so I like to share what I find with you guys.

Again, this quick Korean one is FREE. So don’t be afraid!

I’ll let you know what I think soon (hopefully). See you guys soon!

(Look! Someone even made some flashcards for this. I should start doing stuff like this.)


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