Coming Soon: Really!


And hello everyone! I know it has been a while, and I keep stating I am “Coming Soon”, but I really mean it this time! First –


죄송합니다. For not updating as I originally thought I would be able to. Unfortunately, events in my “real life” happened which caused a delay for me in getting to writing Korean Entries. But I do have some positives! I have started a word of the week in my new cubicle (yes, a new job was one of the big life changes that caused me to delay coming back on here) so I can start showing my progress with that after a while.

(PS: My first word of the week: 사무실 – Office. I didn’t do it on purpose. Randomly chose a word from my stack of flashcards and it happened to be that one. Funny coincidence.)

Yes, I laughed about it for a while.

I have finally figured out a decent schedule to work on my Korean Entries, so my GOAL is to have an actual entry back up next week! On Wednesday, because that was the most popular day. Unless I get other suggestions or requests otherwise.

Oh! And, my next entry – Lesson 11 of TTMIK!


Wait, what happened to Lesson 10?

It was something we had already gone over in two sites and combined into one: 있어요 & 없어요. I DO highly recommend listening to it because it is always good to hear another perspective and to help with understanding. But lesson 11 has a little bit of that as well so I figured I would just talk about 11.

Also – I was debating if I should post about personal progress and such, but I wasn’t sure how I would be able to get that to fit in with the current set-up, so I may not here. BUT I may start a personal update type of blog but it wouldn’t be as active as this one I believe.  If any are interested, feel free to let me know and I will post a link once I get it up and running.


That is a real update. Now I know I am aiming for Wednesday of next week, we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled on whether or not I am able to keep it up. But I will have a normal schedule soon! Thank you all for your patience, likes, and comments. I really do appreciate them.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to touch upon, feel free to write or comment! I am going to try to be more active on my twitter and facebook page as well so I can interact even more.

Until next time,



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