Vocab Blast!: Mother’s Day Inspired


I have been trying different days for different reasons, but I figured since I am a mother, I wanted to try to have a post for today as well! And what better than to have a Vocab Blast inspired by my own mother!

Now, I do want to state, these may not make sense. These relate to me personally and why some of them may not seem to make sense as to why they are here. And I won’t explain them. Just take it as more vocabulary words! (Some may be repeats!)

Hope you all have fun – and Happy Mother’s Day!


Heart – 심장 Beautiful – 아름다운 Clean – 청소
Different – 다른 Difficult – 어려운 Friendly – 친절
Good – 좋다 Important – 중요 Clothes – 옷


Polite – 예의 Dress – 복장 Furniture – 가구
Sweet – 달콤한 House – 집 Kitchen – 부엌
Art – 미술 Pants – 바지 Music – 음악


Movies – 영화 Supermarket – 슈퍼마켓 Theater – 극장
Breakfast – 아침 식사 Candy – 캔디 Dessert – 디저트
Dinner – 저녁 Fish – 믈고기 Food – 음식


Fruit – 과일 Ice Cream – 아이그크림 Lunch – 점심 식사
Meal – 식사 Orange – 오지 Pork – 돼지고기
Daughter – 딸 Granddaughter – 손녀 Grandmother – 할머니


Mother – 어머니 Wife – 아내


Alright! There we go! A bunch of words that reminded me of my own mom. (From a vocab list I found that I somehow lost….)

Until next time –


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