New Section Coming! “How Do You Say…”


So, I was thinking not too long ago about how I wish I could be more consistent. Then I started to think about how to continuously practice my 한국어 in a way that I can still share it.

And then it hit me: “How do you say…”


Okay. Let me explain –

I know a lot of people when learning Korean (한국어), they came in wondering how to say certain things. “How do you say ‘You are my favorite'” or “How do you say ‘Welcome home?”

I say it to my husband all the time (but I am asking how to say something in Spanish). “Como se dice ____”. Then I started talking to friends and others who are learning. And they ask about different phrases and words.

And then it hit me:

Why don’t we learn words and phrases we WANT to know? And throw them in with the lessons and such. I think it will work and I will enjoy doing short entries like that once in a while too.


So, that’s what we’ll do. Ask about phrases you want to learn. Or I can try to break down sentences you have heard before. Or find words you want to say. Stuff like that. And we can do some quick entries and learn some things we have been asking about ask well!

I am looking forward to this and hopefully, we will get to a point to learn some new words and phrases and start using Korean a little more frequently.

I have a few entries to work on – (I seriously have three in drafts and about two more I plan on starting) so this is where I leave you for now.

Until next time!


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