Work In Progress…. TTLK Workbook

안녕 친구!

I almost feel as if I should say “안녕하세요” seeing how long it has been. 죄송합니다 and 미안해요. Life has seem to have gotten in the way of my progress – but I do have some good news!

I have been very excited about this…..

I have been working on making a TTLK Beginner Workbook! (Trying To Learn Korean – you know, kind of like my blog name?) I am basically going to have my posts in it – reworded for a more continuous flow – as well has have practice type worksheet things that I used to use for myself and finally transitioned over to the computer!

I am still working on the Korean Alphabet (For some odd reason writing about 한글 is taking a lot longer than I thought it would) but I think the explanations are a lot better than what I originally had listed. I go into a little more depth on there than I did with my blog posts.

I think it is because I write my blog posts as I learn myself which is why there is a variance as I go back and look at what I have done before.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it once I get it out, but know I am coming back! I have a few entries already planned and am working on a more consistent schedule to get my 한국어 back on track!

감사합니다 for all your patience and working with me. ^.^

Let us learn Korean together!

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