Youtube: Learning with Korean Unnie – 5 Must Know Facts about Korean Language


It has been a loooooooong while. So I figured why not jump back in with one of my FAVORITE Korean Language YouTubers! Korean Eonnie! (Korean Unnie). (한국 언니).

This video is fun and just a few fun facts about Korean – and honestly, these facts were BIG BONUS points to me. Because they were the points that helped me realize that I chose a good language to try to work with.

So – whatcha think? I pretty much agree – But I won’t share the 5 points yet.

But do you agree? Did you like the points she talked about? Which one appealed to you the most? (The whole “No gender” for nouns and such was such a blessing to me. Thank you 한국어! #LifeMadeEasier)

What have you found out about learning Korean that you noticed or think is interesting? We can compile our own list I am pretty sure and I would love to talk to you all about your experience so far!

Well, that’s it for today – but let us hope this is the start of me posting more often!


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