Guess Who’s Back!


잘 지내요? (How are you been?) How have you all been? I am excited to announce that I will be trying to make a more consistent comeback (trying being the main word). I already have another post scheduled for next Friday and then I am hoping to continue something like that. If I cannot do weekly, maybe bi-weekly.

But I am going to be able to pick up on my Korean learning once more!

I have truly missed it

As I have been working on Korean Workbook lately (creating my own that may be a little more thorough than this blog since it is dealing with the information AFTER I have learned it so is a little more thought out) I am realizing I am finding time to get back into things like I want! Which is really exicting to be honest.

And the first thing I am going to do? Get back into Korean!~

Hopefully I will have more snippets and stuff to share with you all as I learn – and hopefully you’ll have stuff to share with me as well!~

Thank you all for learning with me. I see that many are viewing from around the world and I am hoping that you find this information useful and that the websites I have found to help you as much as they have helped me!

We got this!


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