Level 1 – KC101 “Who’s Your Korean Friend?”

안녕하세요 여러분!~

That’s right! We’re finally coming back to KC101!
Here’s a link to this particular lesson if you want to look at it and read the transcript: KC101 – Who’s Your Korean Friend? Here

Confirmed: the podcast is a paid thing now – but we still have the transcript! So we can still learn the lesson that way and break it down for our understanding. Though if you want to hear, I encourage you sign up for the site and pay to have the podcasts!

Yay for Transcript!

So, for today’s lesson, this is going to be the main word of focus:

That’s right: 누구.
This word means: Who.

“Who” does not usually stand alone in a sentence either. It is usually paired with the verb 이다 (which you’ll remember a few of my entries). The conjugation that we will be MOSTLY using today is 예요.

What is going to be really cool about the conversation that we are about to “look into” is that we will actually recognize a lot of the words already! They are ones that we have touched/used before. So this will be fun!

So, to set up the scene – they stated that these are two co-workers in a cafeteria. One is a 신입사원 (New recruit/New worker). Because it is between two co-workers, the language is formal.

윤아: 저 남자 누구예요?
원이: 유근이에요. 여자친구 있어요.
윤아: 음… 저 남자 누구예요?
원이: 영진이에요. 여자친구 있어요.
윤아: 저 남자 누구예요?
원이: 사장님 어에요…
윤아: 아… 네.

I don’t know about you – but I got super excited reading those because I know most of those words almost off the bat. So it made it easier to follow. Let’s break them down.

윤아: 남자 누구예요?
Yoonah: Who is that man?

See what I was talking about though? A lot of those words we have covered before!
So, let’s do it again.

원이: 유근 이에요. 여자친구 있어요.
Won: He’s/That’s Yugeun. He has a girlfriend.

Whaaaaat? All those words. We should know them! (Except the name. I can understand why that would trip someone up.) But seriously, a lot of this made a lot of sense to me. All this hard work of studying is paying off!

Let’s do more of this! Let’s do two sentences at a time.

윤아: 남자 누구예요?
Yoonah: OommmWho is that (man)?
원이: 영진이에요. 여자친구 있어요.
Won: That’s Yeongjin. He has a girlfriend.

Now, for “Oommm” it isn’t literally that. It’s more of like…. a sound effect. Like, “Ahhhh,” or “Ohhhhhh,” kind of thing. I stuck with the sound of effect that is similar to what it sounded liked.

You could easily do like “Oooooh, so how’s that?” type of sentence/feeling.

Now that we’re going into this more, I was going to shorten the sentences because we understand/we get it, but there is another fun little thing going on so I am keeping the words in. But I bet in your mind you can think of shorter ways to translate it.

Let’s hit the last three sentences.

윤아: 남자 누구예요?
Yoonah: Who is that guy?
원이: 사장님 어에요
Won: The President/Boss/Owner
윤아: .
Yoonah: Ahokay.

How was it? Not bad right? Good. We’re going to talk a little more about the focus!

Reminder: 누구

So you already know that you need to pair it with a form of 이다, but did you know you don’t exactly HAVE to have the subject in the sentence? I know above, it got redundant with the “That guy/That man/etc.”, but it is common to not even put the subject with it to ask who someone is.

That’s right. Let’s get a little more comfortable sounding:

누구 예요?
Who is he/she?

The reason that this can be okay is because of CONTEXT. If you’re talking to someone, and you’re looking at a person, and you go “누구 예요?” It is highly likely that your conversation partner will know who you are talking about. Maybe you were talking about them a moment ago, or they just look and see who you’re talking about.

Either way, context makes it so you can just say 누구 예요 and it works!
You can even do something like:

친구 누구 예요?
Who’s your friend?

Neat right?

And with that – that is all I had today from the KC101 lesson! I hope that you were able to gain some new stuff from here or learn how to use that phrase now.

Whew! This was a lot of fun for me to go over. I hope you were able to enjoy it too.

Until next time!~


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