Word/Phrase of the Week

안녕하세요 친구!~

I am back with another word of the week! Except, it turned out to be more of a “PHRASE” of the week. And I found a YouTube Video I thought was well done and explains it well –

Waaaah… Just what I needed!~

So yes! She goes over a few phrases to basically mean “Just Kidding!” in Korean that I thought was definitely worth it! I am going to share the main two (their informal and formal phrases) that I will probably be using the most when doing this.

First one that I gravitated to the most-

농담이에요. (농담이야.)

농담이에요. (농담이야.)
It’s a joke!~
AKA: Just kidding!

As you can see I included both versions right above. 이에요 and 이야 both are “It’s a” in the sentence. Do you remember a big way to tell the formal and the informal apart? That 요 is the formal version. 야 is informal.

Nice right? I thought so. The other one I liked a lot was the first phrase she introduced:

장난 이에요. (장난 이야.)

장난 이에요. (장난 이야.)
It’s a joke!~
AKA: Just kidding!~

Another good one! Again, gave both the formal and informal version so you can have both for reference.

She has a few other good ones that are informal, but I feel like I would use these two the most!
(Also means I found another possible YouTube Channel to refer to! Which is 대박!)

Happy happy!

Hope you enjoyed this short entry. Until next time!


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