Word of the Week: 거미

안녕하세요 친구!~

This time a chose a word for something I DON’T like so when I freak out about it, I can easily say what it is. It is something that scares me and I am seriously NOT A FAN. What’s the word?

Yeah, that’s a crying face. So… WHAT IS 거미?

If I yell “거미! 거미!” and am quickly running away… I am talking about:

I seriously looked for the cutest one I could find. T.T

That’s right – A SPIDER.

거미 – Spider.

I actually stumbled across this word looking for “Word of the Day” type stuff and landed on this page: Transparent.com. (I will be looking at this site to see what other useful stuff they have!)

Here is the sentence they gave!
욕조 안에 거미가 있어요!

욕조 안에 거미가 있어요!
There’s a spider in the tub!
(Or you can think of it as “The tub has a spider in it!” if you want closer to a translation that goes with what we have learned so far.

있어요 we have learned as “to have” basically so far. So if you wanted to reimagine the new sentence to match above:
The tub has a spider in it!)

(With remembering that 가 is a particle being used with the noun “거미”)

Now I am going to go walk away while shuddering. Here is a nice smiling GIF to hopefully cheer others up who dislike them as much as I do.


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