Word of the Week: from TikTok!


This week, the word(s) I am focusing on actually came from an awesome Tiktok-er! inakimieee is fantastic! She is upbeat, and does short snippets for Korean. It is perfect to learn small bits at a time and how they are usable!

This one is a really good one for me – since sometimes I need to use this. So let’s go over the words she covered!!

How to say: I’m sick!

아파요 – Sick

She talks about how you can put WHAT hurts/is affecting you before 아파요. So let’s look at the body parts she covers as well:

머리 – head
배 – stomach
목 – neck
눈 – eye
다리 – legs
몸 – body

So, if you have a headache/your head is just knocking you down:

머리 아파요. – Headache./My head isn’t good./Head sick.

It really breaks it down and it is easy for us to overthink/simplify/over translate/take too literally.
But you see how it works right?

What is affecting you + 아파요 = your sentence to let someone know what is affecting you!/What hurts/How you’re ill.

Short, sweet, to the point, and very usable. I DEFINITELY recommend checking out her TikTok!

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