If you are like me, you want to learn Korean but sometimes lack the time or resources to even figure out where to start. Maybe it was because you wanted to learn the language so you can understand the Kdramas/Kpop songs better, or you have a friend that you want to talk to, or even just because a love of the culture.

No matter the reason, you want to learn and want to find out how.


Well, that was me. And to be honest, it still IS kind of me. I have limited time, limited resources, and essentially learning from home and doing my best. BUT I truly want to learn the language that I hear over my headset and that spills from my computer – and I wasn’t the only one.


I have a couple of friends that also wanted to learn. I seemed to have found a stride and resources and even people I can talk to about the language and to help them (and me), I wanted to put everything in one place in a way that was understandable and could easily be reviewed AS WELL AS see where I had gotten the information.

Welcome to Trying to Learn Korean.


This is a place where we beginners can converse together and share our resources and information to learn a language that we all want to one day speak. There are sources out there, but some of them don’t quite make sense or aren’t quite set up for those who are just learning. And even if we do pick it up, it can jump back and forth on information or we end up using more than one resource for information to learn what we think might work well for us.

This is a place to try to have everything together. Yes, it all isn’t from the same place, but sometimes it is best way to get a fuller understanding. Things are also explained by others who are also newly learning so we all understand the struggle and understand where the confusion may be coming from.


I think my friend said it best:

“What distinguishes this blog from other folks’ is that you’re inviting the readers to learn along at the same pace as you. It’s not like you’re teaching necessarily every ‘lesson,’ you’re also sharing tips and tricks that YOU found helpful.”

So let’s learn together! Tackle this trip with others and find ourselves farther than we expected. Make this fun and memorable. And remember that we are working together toward this amazing goal and will reach it at our own pace.

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