Delayed & Coming Soon!

안녕하세요! Sorry everyone, I know I have actually been good about updating and actually having new entries each week for like a month and a half (a record for me!!) but I hit a slight snag trying to get stuff set up. BUT! I did want you to know that I am hoping to be … Continue reading Delayed & Coming Soon!


New Section: Translating Songs!

안녕하세요! Hello everyone! I know, I know. It seems like I keep adding new sections and doing so many things - but honestly it is all so we can learn Korean better, dive into language and immerse ourselves so we get a better understanding and some practice - as well as hear people who actually … Continue reading New Section: Translating Songs!

Let’s Talk About: Korean Suffixes (Name Endings “attachments”)

안녕하세요! I know that there are some things that we pick up from watching KDramas. We touched on some of it the last entry (with 언니, 오빠, 누나, etc) as titles that we call those we are close with and/or siblings. But I know that sometimes we hear other things attached to names that mean … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Korean Suffixes (Name Endings “attachments”)