Getting Started

Welcome to “Trying to Learn Korean!”

Unsure what to do first? I completely understand. So here are links to entries to help navigate and explain how this is set up.

First thing I recommend? Learn Hangul – the written language of Korea. For me, once I learned that, it made my life a lot easier. And since it worked for me, I bet it will help you. It isn’t too hard and once you start picking it up, it gets pretty easy. (And I listed all Hangul lessons in order, so definitely click that link above that I have!)

And in case you missed the Hangul link the first time:
Click HERE to access: Learning Hangul

I have the entries set up so that if you read them in order, it should make sense and flow.
Here is the first “Lesson”/First entry to start teaching “Korean”.
You can start there and then just “go to next entry” and it be able to learn the way I did, in the order I did. This may be the easiest way to go and what I would probably recommend. (It was the original set-up I had in mind when writing these.)

The entries are also labelled/set up as “sections” which I can explain and link to:


TTMIK: This is a website I reference to a LOT because not only are the Podcasts easy to listen to, short, and very useful, but the site in general provides a lot of information to help with Korean Learning. Best part: It’s all FREE.

Here are the entries that I have written that refers to this site:

Level 1: TTMIK “Hello and Thank You!” Podcast #1
Level 1: TTMIK “Yes, No, and What?” Podcast #2
Level 1: TTMIK “Goodbye” Podcast #3
Level 1: TTMIK “I’m Sorry/Excuse Me” Podcast #4
Level 1: TTMIK “It’s Me/What is it?” Beginner Sentence Structure Podcast #5
Level 1: TTMIK “What is this?/This is…” Podcast #6
Level 1: TTMIK “This, That, It” Podcast #7
Level 1: TTMIK “It’s NOT me” Podcast #8


Let’s Talk About: This series of entries go over different things that I think to cover or what I am learning. It can be topics like “Words We Thought We Knew” (words and phrases that we hear in KDramas or KPop songs that we thought we knew or had an idea of – essentially fun words to learn) to sentence structure to titles – whatever kind of hits me or what I think might need to be covered next.

Let’s Talk About: Words we THOUGHT we knew
Let’s Talk About: Honorifics and Titles
Let’s Talk About: Korean Suffixes (Name Endings “attachments”)
Let’s Talk About: Words We THOUGHT We Knew – Part 2
Let’s Talk About: Adjective Placement and More Sentence Structure!
Let’s Talk About: Review!
Let’s Talk About: Word We THOUGHT We Knew – Part 3
Let’s Talk About: Konglish
Let’s Talk About: Pronunciation Tips
Let’s Talk About: Pronunciation Tips – Vowel Combos
Let’s Talk About: Review!
Let’s Talk About: Korean Slang
Let’s Talk About: Introductions – and maybe a little bit more.
Let’s Talk About: Introductions – and maybe a little bit more (Part 2)

A relatively new section!
Vocab Blast: This series is going to be more of a pour of words without going too deep into explanations (hopefully). The goal is to add more words to your Korean Vocabulary. Simple? I hope so.

New Section: Vocab Blasts!
Vocab Blast!: Countries and Movies

YouTube Logo

Another new section!
YouTube: This series is going (obvious) about YouTube videos. To help with how we speak, it is helpful to hear others speak it! I have been meaning to incorporate more videos so I finally got to it!

YouTube: KC101 – How to Introduce Yourself in Korean
YouTube: KoreanUnnie – Learn Korean Phrases (Yes, No, Thank you, You’re welcome, Excuse me)


KC101: Another website that I will probably be referring to as much as I do TTMIK. Another site to help those “self-learning” with podcasts and PDF – except it doesn’t have the easy link like TTMIK does. A site that you need to sign up (and there is a free version!).

Level 1: KC101 “What Should We Watch?”
Level 1: KC101 – “Tell Me What You Have” + Other notes