Learning Hangul

Hangul – the written language of Korea! Vital if you are wanting to learn how to read Korean and not just speak it. Very useful and honestly fun once you get the hang of it.

Seeing as this is a big first step, I decided to put all my links relating to learning Hangul here for easy access! Here we go:

Level 1: Learning “Hangul” Part 1 – Korean Alphabet Consonants
Level 1: Learning “Hangul” Part 2 – Korean Alphabet Vowels
Level 1: Learning “Hangul” Part 3 – Korean Alphabet Double and Combo Letters
Level 1: Reading Hangul!

Additional information that is fun – but not necessarily pressed as important: Stroke Order!

Level 1: Hangul Stroke Order

There is also a fun little comic I had found that I shared when I first started learning. I enjoy it and it makes a lot more sense once you started learning. That can be found here:

Level 1: Reading Hangul Comic!

If I have any more tips or entries about Hangul, rest assure that I will add them here. Thank you and good luck!